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Events in 2023

B-PHOT Retreat

Our team left the labs for a three-day off-site meeting in Affligem with inspiring seminars, creative workshops, delicious meals and relaxing activities.


Pizza Seminars

B-PHOT had the good habit of enjoying interesting internal presentations while connecting over a pizza lunch. In 2023, we reinitiated that tradition.


Innovating with companies

B-PHOT hosted a lot of events with and for companies. We had our PhotonHub Demo and Experience Centres, training sessions and networking events.




New faces at B-PHOT

In 2023, we saw a lot of new faces joining our team. Meet a couple of those reinforcements here!

Sasa Topic

PhD student

Hello, I’m Sasa and I’m a PhD researcher at B-PHOT since 2023! I have completed my undergraduate studies in Astrophysics and I’ve got two masters, in Astrophysic and in Theoretical and Experimental Physics. I was always inclined towards engineering, the observational and instrumental side of astrophysics.

One day, I was browsing Instagram and I stumbled upon at a post that contained the description of my current PhD position. It was a lightning strike! I realised in a flash that this position was made just for me. So I reached out and started the review process for the PhD admission.

In 2024, I hope to further advance my simulations of some components for future gravitational wave detectors, and to get a first delivery of lab materials so I can start building up our own lab prototype. To conclude, I will dare to quote the words of the great Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. And looking at the current state of photonics and its certain future developments, it seems that photonics is just that kind of technology. It will become seamlessly integrated into our everyday life.